Art is an expression of a deeply personal nature, it should never be compromised, it often has no connection to reality or anything practical. It is usually of no everyday use whatsoever. Its purest function is that of beauty. To create art that makes someone stop in wonder, awe, pure shock at the creation of such a lovely and useless thing, that is the great purpose of being the creator of a mood.


Fashion is art meeting the practical is something we wear everyday, it protects us from the elements, it gives us an outer skin, yet stylistically it is so much more. Fashion creates a larger identity that connects the inner and outer worlds. My collection is made up of mystery, shrouded secrets, and powerful intrigue. My fashion is an extension of my art, my art is an extension of my personal philosophy. We are animals in body, mind, and spirit. All my materials are from animals: wool, leather, fur, silk, they are of the natural world, and belong in the order of nature. The mood may be called dark, edgy, avant-garde, but it is also purist, formal, practical. The look is eastern kimono meets rock 'n roll. It is part feminine, part masculine, part human, part animal.


There is light and dark, reflection and refraction, focus and radiance, self and void, being and nothingness... We are constantly engaging in discovery and reinvention, becoming and letting go. There is the mundane banality that everyone must face: daily survival and existence... but to create a life worth living, when design is function and clothes become fashion, that is art.

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